LHBS – Radio Broadgreen

Hello! Welcome to Radio Broadgreen. Liverpool’s only hospital community radio service.


How it all started….. In 1982 Radio Newsham were invited to set up a hospital radio station on the Broadgreen Hospital site. After a change of charity name (from “Radio Newsham” to “Liverpool Hospital Broadcasting Service”) and some fundraising, a studio was built and Radio Broadgreen launched in October 1983.

We are a small charity in the true sense with no paid staff – we are all volunteers. This charity is funded by public donations. We don’t get any grants or corporate funding. Following the closure of Newsham Hospital in the late 1980s, Radio Broadgreen is now the only surviving hospital community radio service serving the Liverpool area. It is hoped that the Radio Broadgreen service will be extended to other hospitals and clinics in the Merseyside area.

Hospital radio is unique. Besides the obvious radio programmes we broadcast, visiting and chatting with patients in hospital has always been part of our service. Following the recent HBA Impact report , patients often feel isolated and bored. It found that Hospital Radio can make a great great difference to patients.

And as hospital radio has changed through the years, we now offer a 24 hour service streamed online often promoting a healthy lifestyle……all by volunteers for free!



LHBS/Radio Broadgreen

Warmington Lodge Studios, South Road, Broadgreen Hospital, Liverpool L14 3LB

Email: studio(at)radiobroadgreen.com

Tel: 0151 252 0919

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