David Wilkinson

David has been doing discos since 1970 (it all started while he was learning to ballroom dance). He moved to the North East in 1977 and met his wife Pauline while working as a DJ in a Sunderland Night Club. He has three daughters, one of which is Nikki who is also a children’s entertainer and a DJ as well as working full time at a school. Known as Nikki Noo Noo they both ran Black Knight Disco and Nikki Noo Noo’s Children’s parties.

David who is also registered blind has now retired through ill health but continues to entertain us through his recorded shows “Chart Decades” and “Sing Dance and Tap your Feet” which can be heard on Radio Broadgreen and Radio Broadgreen 2.

Chart Decades – Saturday mornings at 8am on Radio Broadgreen

Sing Dance Tap your Feet is broadcast weekdays on our sister service Radio Broadgreen 2