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The UTMA Folk Show is broadcast every Friday evening at 9pm

Mal Robins in the studio is joined by Gramie Dee live from Nova Scotia, Canada with an hour of “Real Folk for Real Folk”

Email: folk(at)radiobroadgreen.com

Website: www.utmafolkshow.co.uk

Under the Mason's Apron is a monthly-ish folk music radio show which can be listened to anytime you like either on-line or by downloading it. We play mainly traditional folk music from the British Isles, including variations from Europe and North America.

The show began in 2011 in one of those idle moments when it all seemed like a good idea on one of our frequent social meet-ups. Gramie had already been producing a podcast of heavy metal music for several years and suggested a folk music one based on Mal's experience of the traditional folk world.

The name? Well it was one of those moments of sheer inspiration that frequently just come out of Gramie's mouth when you're least expecting it. We fell about and that was that. The Mason's Apron by the way is a Scottish traditional reel and we use various renditions of the tune to introduce the show, and end the show with Seamus Eagan's version.

We use computer software to record the talky bits and slot in the music at a later date (having first decided of course what we are playing!) All this is fine when you are sat together around the microphones in sunny Salford but a challenge arose when Gramie decided to up sticks and move to Canada.

Skilled graphic artist that he is (he also draws and paints rather well), Gramie comes up with the (sometimes) show-related artwork while Mal now maintains the website, plus Facebook and Twitter, and uploads the show to the various Internet sites. And there you have it.