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As a registered charity, we rely on donations to keep our three services running.

Most donations come from the general public and local businesses. So it is only fair we also support our local businesses that support us…..

Programme Sponsorship

A number of our regular programmes can be sponsored for as little as £30 per month. This would include a sponsorship ident at the start of the programme and two sponsorship bumpers into the regular advert breaks per hour.

“A Mobility” radio commercial © LHBS

Bumper into advert breaks © LHBS

Hour Start Ident © LHBS


Email info@radiobroadgreen.com

*Terms & conditions apply. LHBS/Radio Broadgreen reserve the right to refuse to advertise certain products and/or services. Existing radio adverts may required re-licensing. Commercial production costs extra.

Radio Advertising

You might think radio advertising is expensive but it can be very cost effective. For a donation of £350, your 30 second radio advert will be played approximately once per hour every day for a full year!

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