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Join Richard Smith every evening at 10pm for “The A to Z of POP!” The program is brought to you by Specsavers®

Richard is a seasoned professional and his A to Z series can be heard on many stations across the UK and Ireland. He is also the main host for the BIG Broadcast.

The programme is also broadcast on our sister service Radio Broadgreen 2.

“The Sunday Social” was a 2 hour programme broadcast live to numerous radio stations across the UK. The show is currently on hold during the summer/autumn.

“Call Me Number One” is a brand new series broadcast every weekday morning at 8. Featuring number 1’s from two different years and from different decades.

Richard also commentates on cricket and football for our sister service RBG Sport.

Website: http://www.theatozofpop.co.uk

Email: richard.smith(at)radiobroadgreen.com

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