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LHBS strive to offer a mix of music, drama and comedy suitable for our core audience.

Our services broadcast to patients at two local NHS Trust’s. One is a specialist unit with a wide age range travelling from North Wales, Isle of Man, and Cheshire for treatment so we try to be as diverse as possible without alienating our core audience.

Our main service Radio Broadgreen is mainly music based. Following the breakfast slot, informative programmes like “Health Today” and “The Golden Years” are broadcast. Our core music is broadcast late morning and afternoon.

During the evening music genres such as Country & Irish Show with Alan Foulkes, The Rock Show with Fred Setters, and Folk music with Mike Harding are examples of the different shows produced and presented.

Radio Broadgreen 2 is our alternative sister service available online only. The service compliments Radio Broadgreen by offering mainly spoken works of drama and comedy. Many programmes of archive material suited for our mature audience to include comedy classics such as Hancock’s Half Hour, I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue and The Clithero Kid and drama such as The Hobbit, The Six Shooter and The Lone Ranger. Programmes specially produced for hospital radio can also be found here. Ray Oxley’s Golden Years,  The Vintage Years with Jim Simpson, The A to Z of POP! with Richard Smith and Peter Grogan’s award winning “The Best of British Classical Music” are some examples.

Football lives and breathes in Liverpool so it’s only natural that RBG Sport brings listeners commentary from Anfield and Goodison Park covering every home fixture of Liverpool FC and Everton FC. We also try to bring other sporting items to the listener as and when they are available. RBG Sport may only be available to listeners in the hospitals we serve due to contractual reasons.

Programme/Music submissions


We welcome programme and music submissions as long as they would be suitable for our core audience listening in hospital. You can send CD discs to our main postal address. Please note media is non-returnable. Click HERE for our postal address.

For music submissions please contact us via email with transfer link: intake(at)radiobroadgreen.com

Listener Comments

We welcome comments from former patients about our service. Please see our Contact page for details.