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Nurse of the Month Award

Radio Broadgreen recognises the work by all the staff on the Broadgreen site and there are times when this outstanding work should be noticed.

The Nurse of the Month award is our little “thank you” to the dedicated nursing staff we have working for the different NHS Trusts here.

So each month our team will seek out that someone special and surprise them with the “Nurse of the Month Award”. Complete with certificate and quartz clock.

And it’s not only the nursing staff. We welcome nominations from any department for doing that little bit extra in supporting the hospital. So if you know someone who works at the Broadgreen site, you can nominate them. Simply email us via the contacts page on this website and let us know. Many thanks to Victoria Shoe Repairs for their kind support with this award.

*Please note, apologies but due to staff shortages we currently cannot continue with this award at the present time.