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Liverpool Hospital Broadcasting Service

Liverpool Hospital Broadcasting Service (LHBS) is a registered charity (England & Wales) 508557 and operates the service “Radio Broadgreen”. Our purpose is to provide a service to patients & staff in hospital’s and other similar institutions as per our governing document, this charitie’s “Constitution”. This service may also be streamed providing health information to the general public.

The radio programmes we provide are in accordance with OFCOM recommendations and guidelines, although at present we are not governed by license to do so. Therefore, there is no requirement for a “Public File”.

Data Protection.

LHBS/Radio Broadgreen respect your privacy and the privacy of the patients and staff of the hospital’s we broadcast to. Any data collected (via contact to the studios e.g. email or SMS text) will not be used for any marketing purposes. IP addresses/operating system/location may be collected for statistical purposes. Our website uses cookies to distinguish you from other users. No personal data is collected intentionally.

Call charges to our studios are at standard rate (or if you call using the internal Trust telephone system will be free to extension 6210). Calls via a mobile telephone will be set by your service provider.

SMS text messages. Start message with code QB7B8 and send to 60777. SMS Text service is provided to LHBS by an external provider. Texts to the studio are charged at your network service providers rate with no added service charges with the exception of the “Text Donation SMS Service”.

Generic competition rules are available to view by clicking here.

This website may use data or other information from external sites or re-direct you to an external site. LHBS are not responsible for content from external sites.


If you feel the need to contact us, our details are listed on the CONTACT section of this website. If you wish to contact us about something you heard on Radio Broadgreen, please direct your comment to the Programme Controller.

For all other enquiries, please email info(at)radiobroadgreen.com

NEWS: Radio Broadgreen may use an external service like Sky News Radio or FSN for news bulletins. LHBS/Radio Broadgreen are not responsible for the content of this service.

SPORTS: Football commentary members are registered with Football Data Co and accredited with the clubs. Cricket commentary is provided to us via PHR. Sports reports are supplied via IRN Network and Sportsmedia.

Copyright © 1975-2023 LHBS

All rights reserved. This site and all content herein are copyrighted works of LHBS, or used under licence. The reproduction in whole or in part, whether on paper, on the internet, on disk, or any other medium, without the express written permission of LHBS, is prohibited. The audio stream is copyright of LHBS/Radio Broadgreen and is licensed to broadcast recorded material through PRS and PPL.