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L.H.B.S. is made up from volunteers from all walks of life with one goal - to assist the running of this charity.

LHBS accept applications for membership from any person (over 18 years of age) who is able to assist and feel they can contribute in the long term. As we are all volunteers, we cannot accept applications from persons looking for work-experience. Conditions apply.

PLEASE NOTE: As this charity is based at the Radio Broadgreen studios, we currently cannot accept applications for membership due to current NHS Trust restrictions. The application process is likely to be as listed below.

This page will be updated as circumstances change (last updated November 2018).

Applying to work at Radio Broadgreen

Members wishing to work at the Warmington Lodge Studios, based in the grounds of the Broadgreen Health park, have to take part in a two part application process (LHBS and RLBUHT) that will require applicants to be processed via the Royal & Broadgreen NHS Trust Volunteers Services department.

LHBS/Radio Broadgreen:

1. Apply to LHBS/Radio Broadgreen via email.

2. If there are vacancies available, you will be asked to complete an application form and attend an informal interview at the Radio Broadgreen studios.

Following the interview, if accepted, you will be required to complete the RLBUHT application process listed below:


1. You will be asked to apply for processing via the online TRAC system when vacancies are advertised.

2. If successful, you will be asked to attend an interview at Royal Hospital.

3. If successful, you will be required to take part in ID and DBS checks at HR in London Road.

*You will require photo ID (Passport/Drivers licence), proof of your home address and supply two business/work referees for references.

4. If successful, you will have to attend Occupational Health checks (at Aintree Hospital Fazackerly).

*Any inoculations required would have to be paid for by the applicant.

5. If successful, you will have to attend a full day Core Skills H&S course at Royal Hospital.

Once completed, you will be assigned by RLBUHT Volunteer Services department to Radio Broadgreen.

Good luck!