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Radio Broadgreen has two fully equipped broadcast studios and a dubbing/production suite.

Our spare studio is available for hire for Voice-Over recordings, Podcasts, and remote interview sessions via ipDTL® or Cleanfeed®

This page will be updated with further details soon…

Looking to link up to another radio station?

With the latest “audio over ip” technology you can connect to almost any radio station across the world with POTS, Cleanfeed® or ipDTL®.

Your guests can sit in comfort and our studios have true cleanfeed connectivity so no hassle of return signal or feedback!

Our three studio microphones are gated with some compression and limited so no over modulated signals.

Our studios are located near the end of the M62 motorway and the Liverpool inner ring-road close to Broadgreen railway station.

Studio hire is a single booking fee that includes 1 hour studio use (with additional 1 hour rate if required) and includes on-site engineering assistance.

Contact us for details.

Looking to record a radio programme or podcast?

We have a fully equipped radio broadcast studio available any day of the week. Recordings can be saved as 320k MP3, WAV or other format ready to be sent to a USB memory stick or the Cloud for download.

Either studio has Myriad playout along with dual CD/USB memory card playout. Studio condenser main microphone and two guest microphones (with compressor/limiter), Telephone TBU and Cool Edit Pro 2 (Adobe Audition).

Our dubbing unit has Studer B77 open-reel (7.5/15 ips), Sonifex NAB Cart, mini-disk, cassette and a record deck to facilitate dubbing to digital MP3 or WAV.

Studio hire is priced per hour and includes on-site engineering support. Contact us for details.