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Dave Wilkinson “Sing Dance and Tap yer Feet”

David is native of the north east and owns & operates a disco & entertainment service “Black Knight Disco - Party People”.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, David is now spending more time supporting the community and produces two very distinctive shows for community radio stations from his home studio.

“Chart Decades”  is a series of two hour programmes featuring the hits of the 60s and 70s.

“Sing Dance and Tap Yer Feet”  Ideally suited for our older listeners, “Sing Dance and Tap yer Feet” is broadcast on our sister service Radio Broadgreen 2 each weekday afternoon from 2pm.

Just pretend your at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom and let Dave entertain you for a couple of hours…

If you wish to contact David about any of the programmes he produces, email him: david.wilkinson(at)radiobroadgreen.com

30 minute example of “Sing, Dance and Tap yer Feet” 2 hour show

Both “Sing, Dance and Tap yer Feet” and “Chart Decades” are available to other Hospital and Community Radio stations. Just email David for details.

30 minute example of “Chart Decades” 2 hour show